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​Inside this Treasure Trove of Art . . .

Welcome to my 
​Art Gallery

​​I wanted to give viewers the ability to browse and find pieces that stand out to them personally. 

​In my "Drawing Meaning" blog, I will reference these images and whole collections where I will explain the meaning behind them.


​Each piece was created and owned by Elizabeth Lux.


​"Lies Between Pages"

​"City of Leaves"

"Family in Spades"

This picece of art really touches the heart. It is the first piece to be featured in the "Drawing Meaning" blog where I explore the meaning behind it and the symbolism surrounding it. Why did I use playing cards to create it? and who are the two boys pictured here? are all questions I answer in the blog post.

To answer these questions and many more, click the link to the featured blog post on the right. 

​" Dripping Gorgeous "

​" Failing to Stop the Hands of Time "

​" Roots "

​" Facing Summer "

​"Shattered Phoenix"

​"Drowning in Fear"

​"Silhouette and the Sun"

​"Illustrated Dictrionary Pages"

​"World in a Cup"

​"Painted Face on Stones"

​"Delta Rose"

​" Palms "

​"Fashion Sketch #132"

​" Wasted Time "

​" Shattered Self-Image "

​" Tea Tree "

​"Living on the Map"


​"Dark Room Negative"

​"Rotten at the Core"

​"Blown Away"


​"Maiden in Doubt"

​"W​inged in the Caverns"

​"Pulled Under"

​"View of the World"

​"Rumor Me Blue"

​"Three Portaits"

​"One Puzzle Piece"

​"Abstract Rain Painting"

​"Untitled Skull #43"

​"Finger Print Self-Portrait"