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~ Gallery

​Each piece was created and is copyrighted by
Elizabeth Lux.

For those who crave to
make the world beautiful
and those who relish
the beauty
within it.

medium: watercolor
"Failing to Stop the Hands of Time"

medium: tea, tea leaves, tea bags, and acrylic paint
"Tea Tree"

  1. "Three Portraits"
    "Three Portraits"
    Graphite Drawing
  2. "Facing Summer"
    "Facing Summer"
    Gel Pen Drawing
  3. "Delta Rose"
    "Delta Rose"
    Ink Pen and Colored Pencil Drawing
  4. "Shattered Phoenix"
    "Shattered Phoenix"
    Ink Pen Drawing
  5. Fashion Sketch #132
    Fashion Sketch #132
    Gel Pen and Ink Pen Drawing
  6. "World in a Cup"
    "World in a Cup"
    Graphite Drawing
  7. "Snowscape"
    medium: ink

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medium: watercolor
"Dripping Gorgeous"

  1. "These Roots"
    "These Roots"
    Watercolor and Acrylic Paint
  2. "Drowning"
  3. "Rotten Core"
    "Rotten Core"
    Watercolor and Ink Pen
  4. "Painting with Rain"
    "Painting with Rain"
    medium: acrylic paint and rain
  5. "Maiden in Doubt"
    "Maiden in Doubt"
    medium: colored pencil, cloth, thread, and netting
  6. "Winged Man in the Caverns"
    "Winged Man in the Caverns"
    medium: acrylic paint
  7. "Summer Sunset"
    "Summer Sunset"
    medium: acrylic
  8. "Palms"
    medium: acrylic

medium: graphite
"Time Runs Out""

white charcoal
and colored pencil
"Untitled Skull #43"

  1. "Broken Reflection"
    "Broken Reflection"
  2. "Dripping Stones"
    "Dripping Stones"
  3. "Blown Away"
    "Blown Away"
  4. "City of Leaves"
    "City of Leaves"
  5. "Rumor Me Blue"
    "Rumor Me Blue"
  6. "Tea Tree"
    "Tea Tree"
  7. "Summer Sunset"
    "Summer Sunset"
  8. "Lies between Their Pages"
    "Lies between Their Pages"

medium: gel pen

medium: watercolor
"Drowning Fear"

  1. "Family in Spades"
    "Family in Spades"
  2. "Family in Spades"
    "Family in Spades"
  3. "Family in Spades"
    "Family in Spades"
  4. "Family in Spades"
    "Family in Spades"

medium: heirloom playing cards, acrylic paint, and sand
"Family in Spades"

medium: ink
"Finger-Print Self-Portrait"