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Elizabeth Lux
is a published author on, visual artist, and blogger. She is the author of Falling Through Portals (a Multi-fandom Collision Story), Her Name Wasnt Wendy, How to Write a Killer Fanfiction, The Daughter of Water, The Children of Water, and many other stories on 
Elizabeth is a new blogger and soon to be a Young Adult author. 

​​​A Bit About Me​​

 I grew up on the west coast of Florida with three siblings and two amazing parents. Surrounded by humidity, mosquitos, and stunning sunsets I was more than blessed by the gorgeous scenery, (minus the mosquitos of course).
  In my early days, I was convinced I wanted to be a music star. Our family would watch American Idol together (back in the good old days with Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell). During the breaks, my siblings and I would take turns performing our own solos while the rest of the family took part as the "judges." My older brother especially enjoyed being the Simon Cowell member of the team. I was always eager to jump up first and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" while trying to out-do my siblings (I was a bit of a show-off). ​​

 As I grew up I fell in love with art and fashion. I spent hours drawing clothes on little manikins. If I was drawing at a family party or at church I would have a few outfits on one page and go around asking people which dress, they liked best. Until the age of thirteen, my goal was to be a fashion designer. I was so enthusiastic about it that when my grandmother introduced me to her friends she would always tell them about my fashion-designing-aspirations. 
  But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked- *clears throat* sorry about that. I meant to say, everything changed when I got my first iPhone in 9th grade.  I discovered the wonders of fandoms.
It was like stepping into a new world. A Fandom is like a kingdom of people who are all dedicated and obsessed with a certain work of fiction like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or any number of fictional worlds. Fandoms encompass all the people who happily obsess over the things they love together. And I ate it up.  I excitedly consumed the lingo and fanart of this new world. The more I found on the internet the larger the community became. Soon I was enveloped by the millions of people enjoying and obsessing over the same content I was.
  It didn’t take long to stumble upon written Role Play (or RP). I was taken under the wing of some truly fantastic fellow fans who were kind enough to teach me how to Role Play. We would choose a fandom and then write a scene with our own made-up characters inside the story that we all loved.  We spun stories inside many different fandoms, but namely inside the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. These books transformed me from hating to read to loving it. I didn’t care about books or what they could do for me. But after reading the Percy Jackson books I couldn’t walk past a Barnes and Noble without going inside. I was completely obsessed with the books and the characters and the whole world. And being able to RP inside this world made it incredible. 

Suddenly Percy Jackson's world didn’t stop at the books, it continued and blossomed inside our RPs. I made friendships with people all across America through these stories. Every night we would get together and write or continue stories. These bonds became so strong that even today, over five years later, I am still friends with the fantastic girl who had ushered me into Role Play. Online she went by Max, and I will always be thankful for her and her friendship.
  A couple of months later, I realized I had the potential to write stories like this on my own. I created an account on and began writing. Mind you, this was before I owned a laptop. This means my insane fourteen-year-old self, wrote everything in the notes section of my iPhone for the first year of my writing career. If I remember correctly, I believe I wrote three complete stories on my iPhone. The mere thought of that makes me sick today. But those stories turned out to be The Daughter of Water, The Children of Water, and Her Name Wasn't Wendy. 
  These books were good but didn’t get a whole lot of attention. It wasn't until I began writing Falling Through Portals that fall when my readership began taking off. It was a total fluke too. A fellow fan gave me the idea for a simple Percy Jackson-Avatar Last Air Bender crossover (a story with both fictional stories combined). Somehow, it became much more than that. I began taking the main character of my story, Percy, through other fandoms too: Merlin, Eragon, and Once Upon A Time. I remember at this point I had stopped. I was beginning to get bored and probably wasn’t going to keep going. That was until I noticed more comments and more views on this story, Falling Through Portals, than all three of my previous stories combined. 
  It was exhilarating. All the sudden I was watching other people enjoy what I had created. They were just as excited as I was and it was intoxicating. I began racking my brain for some way to give this book a direction, or rather I tried to build the plot. Once I had an answer, everything started full throttle. Ten chapters became twenty and thirty became forty, soon I was updating every week.
 After three years, over 37 thousand comments, and over half a million views later I am still flabbergasted. I have met so many people from all over the world because of this book. I couldn’t be more thankful. Wattpad has been an incredible place for me to spread my wings and gain some confidence in my own writing skill. 
  Now? I am taking on the rest of the world. With this website and its blog, I want to take my writing to the next level. Not only do I plan on uploading original content including personal blogs, writing blogs, and brand new short stories. Beyond writing, I will be uploading my original art (which you can see on the “Gallery” tab above). But wait, there's more: I am writing an original book. While I am only on the first draft, it is something I am very passionate about and cannot wait to get out for everyone to read. 
  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my personal story. I have a long way to go, but from now on, you will know all about it.
~Elizabeth Lux

​Interesting Facts About Me

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​I Love ​​Organizing
Organizing is one of my favorite things to do. I love putting my art supplies and clothes in their place. While my room is rarely clean, my art supplies are wonderfully organized.
Side note: if you have seen the movie After the Ball on Netflix, there is a scene where the main character must organize all the buttons and accessories in this huge room. This includes sorting through thousands of tiny buttons and putting them away in drawers in an organized fashion. I would honestly have volunteered to do that with no pay (Although pay would be nice).).
​​I Love Traveling
My parents had a goal to visit all forty-eight continental states (everything but Hawaii and Alaska) before my older brother graduated from high school.
I was homeschooled until the age of eleven (fifth grade) and this made it easy to take time to travel. We took a total of five or six trips across the United States in our car. This was made complicated by the fact that I am one of four children. Six of us in a car for weeks on end was very stressful. But it was because of these trips that I have some of the most incredible memories of being with my family all over the country.
Some of my favorite places to visit were White Sands National Park in New Mexico (One of the most amazing moments of my life. We climbed to the top of these huge white sand dunes and could feel the presence of God as the wind blew across the sands), visiting Hearst Castle in California (It had two pools, a mansion, and two guest houses. And in its prime it also had a huge zoo. It was amazing), visiting and staying in a little town house in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (lots of good family memories there), and so many more.
​​I Enjoy Walking in Graveyards
​​​​It sounds WAY creepier than it is- I promise. 
​Maybe it is just a writer thing, but I honestly enjoy walking in graveyards. 
​If you think about it, it is just a large garden. Many graveyards grow their own flowers (like the picture of the flower above). But even if they don’t grow flowers they have them as well as statues, ponds, and grass.  
​Beyond the beauty and quiet, I like it as an author is because of all the name ideas. Naming important characters is something I loathe. Being able to keep a long list of names makes going to graveyards a great resource and inspiration. 
​I try not to think the dead bodies aspect, and instead I focus on the wind in the trees and the stories coming to life inside me. If you ever get writers/artist block I recommend visiting a graveyard. Its more enjoyable than you would expect.

I Love the Smell of Gasoline

Nearly every summer since I can remember, my dad’s side of the family have gone to a family cabin in the summer. The building is as old as the hills and way past falling apart, but it is a family heirloom of sorts. Anyway, we would spend a lot of time on the lake. We would water-ski, knee board, and do torture tubing. Every summer we would put our boat, The Black Beauty (also very old and now falling apart, you can see it pictured above), in the lake.  During this ritual, my siblings and cousins would pile into the boat and ride with my grandpa and dad head down to the boat ramp.
 The smell of gasoline reminds me of the excitement and adventure of boating. It reminds me of being with my family and having fun each summer.  

I have a license plate in my bedroom

When People come into my bedroom one of their first questions is about the license plate on my desk.
“Is there a reason you have a car’s license plate on your desk?” they might ask.
Yes, yes there is.
I received it at a writer’s conference in Tennessee. I attended a talk by Tim Shoemaker, author of Code of Silence, where he talked about the importance of showing, not telling in writing. For example, when you are describing a boy’s hair don’t simply tell everyone: “he was wearing a blue, long sleeved shirt.” instead you want to show that his shirt is blue and long sleeved, “Her hand brushed against his sleeve. He didn’t notice, but she had noticed the way the shirt matched his eyes.”
 At the time, this was a brand-new concept to me and today it is still something I struggle and strive to do. It was very eye-opening and I was very engaged in his talk. After helping him with a demonstration, he gave me this license plate he had used as a prop during the talk (he even signed it for me, which you can see if you click on the picture).
The state of Missouri is known as the “Show-Me State” and it was a challenge to every writer to show instead of tell.