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I just launched my website!
Welcome to! Right now, you have VIP access to my website. I encourage you to take advantage of all that my website has to offer.
​In the Gallery you will be able to see 30+ original art pieces that have never been posted online for public viewing. 
​In the About page you can find out a little bit more about me and where I came from.
​In the Blog you will be able to read my first-ever blog posts and comment on them.

​Above all, make sure to give me your contact information in the "Subscribe" box on the right so that you wont miss the excitement while you are gone.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site,
-Elizabeth Lux

P.S. Make sure to check this page for all the latest information whenever you visit

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 Read the completed version of
Falling Through Portals Now

Falling Through Portals​ is a Percy Jackson fanfiction written by Elizabeth Lux.

Portals are one of the most interesting travel agents in the universe. They can get you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.
But for Percy Jackson, falling through a fandom portal was the last thing he needed.
After being plucked from camp, Percy finds himself on the run through the universe without friends or a way home.
All the while a darker plot begins to unfold- one that threatens to entangled the entire cosmos. Falling through time and portals, Percy is the only one who can save it from disaster. And from the looks of it, he doesn't have a say In the matter.
Will he be strong enough to fight when hope seems to be lost?

Will he tip the balance of fate and save everyone?

Will he ever get back to camp and see Annabeth again?

Or will he loose everything?

Fall in deep with Percy before it's too late. 


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