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Welcome to my 
​Art Gallery

​"City of Leaves"

​"Lies Between Pages"

​Inside this Treasure Trove of Art . . .

​​I wanted to give viewers the ability to browse and find pieces that stand out to them personally. 

​In my "Drawing Meaning" blog, I will reference these images and whole collections where I will explain the meaning behind them.


​Each piece was created and owned by Elizabeth Lux.


This picece of art really touches the heart. It is the first piece to be featured in the "Drawing Meaning" blog where I explore the meaning behind it and the symbolism surrounding it. Why did I use playing cards to create it? and who are the two boys pictured here? are all questions I answer in the blog post.

To answer these questions and many more, click the link to the featured blog post on the right. 

"Family in Spades"

​" Dripping Gorgeous "

​" Failing to Stop the Hands of Time "

​" Roots "

​" Facing Summer "

​"Shattered Phoenix"

​"Drowning in Fear"

​"Illustrated Dictrionary Pages"

​"Silhouette and the Sun"

​"World in a Cup"

​"Painted Face on Stones"

​"Delta Rose"

​" Palms "

​"Fashion Sketch #132"

​" Wasted Time "

​" Shattered Self-Image "

​" Tea Tree "

​"Dark Room Negative"


​"Living on the Map"

​"Blown Away"

​"Rotten at the Core"

​"W​inged in the Caverns"

​"View of the World"

​"Pulled Under"


​"Maiden in Doubt"

​"One Puzzle Piece"

​"Three Portaits"

​"Rumor Me Blue"

​"Abstract Rain Painting"

​"Untitled Skull #43"

​"Finger Print Self-Portrait"